Support WGL Help Desk Click “New Ticket”, add the details of your help request and a WGL Support Team member will be in contact.  Frequently Asked Questions     What sort of computer and internet connection do I need     I cannot Login     I have no sound     I am having trouble with Pay Pal     The movies do not play     Can I stop the training at any time     How do I check my version of my Flash player     I am using Internet Explorer 8 and having trouble installing the flash player     How do I access WGL Help Desk     This FAQ did not fix my problem What sort of computer and internet connect do I need Your PC, or Apple used must be be media compatible with a sound card, speakers or headphones. Delivery Speed Delivery speed may be affected by the Internet connection speed you have and the age of the computers operating system software and hardware. Broadband connection is recommended. Top >> I cannot Login Your Username and Password. PLEASE NOTE: To register and receive a Username and Password, you must have a unique email address.  You will not be able to register if your email address has already been registered for the training. Free email address are available form the following providers: Your Username and Password is created by you when you register for the training. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided and you must complete the instructions in this confirmation email before you can continue. Please enter your username and password exactly as you created them. If you have forgotten your username or password Top >> I have no sound The multimedia training courses have spoken audio. It is important that your computer sound card is working and you have speakers turned on or headphones available. Ensure the speakers/headphones are plugged in and turned on. Some external speakers require 240 volt power to operate. Test the audio by playing some music or go to: Adjusting Volume Adjust volume in Windows XP To adjust volume in Microsoft Windows XP instructions can be found at: Adjust volume in Microsoft Windows VISTA To adjust volume in Microsoft VISTA instructions can be found at: Adjust volume in Microsoft Windows 7 To adjust volume in Microsoft Windows 7 instructions can be found at: Now that your computer is setup you can now go to the training. Adjust volume on an Apple MAC Top >> I am having trouble making a PayPal Payment Payment for training is via credit card online.  We use the PayPal secure online payment system. If you have any problems with PayPal online payment please contact the PAYPAL helpdesk on (02) 8223 9500. Top >> I Don’t Have A Credit Card Payment can be made using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  Please complete the EFT form and details will be forwarded to you. Top >>  The movies do not play The multimedia training course are viewed via your web browser and are delivered via the internet. To view the training you will need to have an up to date version of the free Flash Player installed. To download the Training Guide you will need an up to date version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need either Flash Player or the Acrobat Reader click on the buttons below and follow the screen prompts. NOTE: For some business networked computers you may need the IT administrator to perform this task. Adobe Flash Player for Apple MAC OS Download from: Top >> How do I check my version of my Flash player Go to the following address which will automatically check your flash player version Top >> Can I stop the training at any time Yes. The course will resume at the point in the training at the last assessment question you answered before you logging out. Top >> The online training has stopped working Restart your computer and login again to the training using If the training still does not work please fill in a support ticket. Top >> I am using Internet Explorer 8 and having trouble installing the flash player Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is the latest web browser release from Microsoft and has been designed to maximise your protection and security while browsing the web. In some circumstances there are known issues with installing plug ins with the new browser. One of the known issues is the interface with the Adobe Flash player. If you have issues with playing the adobe Flash movies here are some suggested steps to overcome the problem. These steps should only be carried by competent, authorised peron(s) with good IT skills. There are alternative web browsers to Internet Explorer . These are: Mozilla Firefox which is available to download from No Flash Player issues have been reported with this browser. Google Chrome which is available for download from No Flash Player issues have been reported with this browser. Internet Explorer 8 Possible Fixes The following are only suggested fixes. The information below has been obtained from the Microsoft and Adobe websites and WGL Enterprises Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility either directly or implied for its accuracy. Step 1: Allow content from WGL Internet Explorer 8 requires express permission to access sites with downloadable content. Go to IE > Tools > Options > Security Select the green tick "Allow" Enter in address window and click "Add" If this does not work Step 2: Check that flash is installed Go to and see if a Flash movie is playing at the top of the webpage Right Mouse Click at the top of the page. If a pop up menu appears with “About Flash Player ...” then flash is installed If no Flash movie is playing the Flash needs to be installed From there is a button “Install Flash Player” on the front page After slicking the install button follow the prompts to install Flash NOTE: you may need Administrator permission to install software on your machine Return to and see if the flash movie is playing at the top of the web page If the Flash player installs but Flash movies do not play Step 3: Set Active X controls in Internet Explorer In Internet Explorer click on the Tools drop down menu Select Options > Security tab and click the Custom button Look for a heading "ActiveX controls and Plugins Change the following setting "Download Signed Active X Controls" = Prompt "Run Active X Controls and Plugins" = Prompt Click “OK” Revisit and see if the Flash movies are playing at the top of the web site If the above does not work Flash needs to be uninstalled The following Steps should only be carried out if competent, have permission and are authorised to modify you computers settings Step 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the Flash Player NOTE: Uninstalling flash using windows Add/Remove Programs does not work.  An adobe uninstaller must be downloaded Use Adobe tech note no_19166 Reinstall flash Go to Click on the “Install Flash Player” button Follow the prompts Check and see if Flash Movies are playing If this fails. Return to Step 4 and Uninstall Flash and Carry out Step 6 Fix Windows Registry Permissions. Two files need to downloaded These are detailed in technote "Download SubInACL from Microsoft to fix permission issues that prevent Flash Player installing" This is available from Reinstall the Flash Player from Top >> © Copyright WGL Enterprises Pty Ltd 2010 ABN 11 067 218 928 WGL Enterprises Pty Ltd National Local Government Level 1 Induction, Workplace Foundations, VICTORY and Induction Plus are innovative ideas of WGL. All likeness and content are the property of WGL. Contact:  Help Desk: Induction Home  Pricing  Support  FAQ Induction Home  Pricing  Support  FAQ  Contact Us