Induction Home  Pricing  Support  FAQ Free Key Resources and Increase Induction  Effectiveness  Induction is an essential business activity but it can have a significant impact on key people as they deliver, administer and maintain the induction process.  The national Level 1 induction offers immediate benefits in freeing key people with an comprehensive, online, fully managed solution.    “The online general induction program for employees, contractors and volunteers that addresses the needs of Local Government, Councils and Government Authorities.” © Copyright WGL Enterprises Pty Ltd 2010 ABN 11 067 218 928 WGL Enterprises Pty Ltd National Local Government Level 1 Induction, Workplace Foundations, VICTORY and Induction Plus are innovative ideas of WGL. All likeness and content are the property of WGL. Contact:  Help Desk:
Induction Home  Pricing  Support  FAQ Victory is an set of online application that allows businesses to: Manage:      Compliance Data      Certificates of Currency      AQF Training      and many more  Contact Us If you have a username and password

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